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Fulham to West Kensington Exchange Phase 1

Half a kilometre of 12 way duct and five manholes (see map) within the strict timeframe of a six week Road closure to coincide with the introduction of the extension of the congestion charging boundaries. To deliver within this timeframe Eirscot's specialist teams are operating on six distinct and complex workfaces simultaneously.

Manhole No 1 Thaxton Road A non standard manhole of some 28m cubes constructed to an excavated depth of 5 metres. This manhole is being built over an existing 48 way BT duct nest previously laid in a timber lined tunnel, with the existing concrete duct surround being broken away and the 48 way ducts cut back within the excavation.

To maintain traffic flow into and out of Thaxton Road a timber lined tunnel was driven across the junction from the shaft at a depth of 4.5m to a receive pit at 3.0m. At this point 12 ways of the 24 way ducts lain in tunnel were picked up by open cut trenching methods. Excavation of this structure and tunnelling proved difficult and slow due to the running ballast and general loose ground condition found at 3.5m to final excavation depth.    view5

Manhole No 4 A standard BT MRX 411A manhole constructed to pick up the existing BT 12 way and 9 way duct routes with non-standard cable support system designed and installed to suit cabling requirements. view4

Manhole No 76 A non-standard manhole involving the demolition of an existing R/F concrete BT manhole.  This work was carried out with a critical timescale to facilitate the introduction of the second phase of the London Congestion Charge Zone. view3
Manhole No 2A standard BT MRX 411A manhole built on an existing 12 way and 9 way BT duct nests. The existing 9 way ducts being slewed to an agreed position to facilitate BT's alignment of the new 12 way ducting. Non-standard cable support system designed and installed to suit cabling requirements.   view 2 Manhole No 127 An existing manhole was demolished and a standard BT MRX 411A manhole built on an existing BT 12 way and 9 way duct route.  Due to the position of the existing duct a 9 way block was slewed and lowered over 15m to accommodate the new 12 way BT duct under construction. The demolition and construction of this manhole were carried out under controlled conditions in association with our design engineers as the original manhole had been built against the cellar wall of the adjacent premises.   view 1

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